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How to Eat Healthier (No Diets)

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

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1.0 Order Food Directly From Farmers/Producers

You can enjoy fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients by placing direct orders with farmers and producers. Seasonal fruits, vegetables, and meats from responsibly farmed animals will be available to you, encouraging a diet centered on complete, unadulterated foods. For an added bonus, most ranchers appreciate visits from their customers and will be happy to show you where they raise their animals!

In order to get you started here, we've created this list of the best direct to consumer food producers that cut out the middle man. However, sometimes the "middle man" plays an important role like curation and quality control. Below are our favorite food curators:

2.0 Use Meal Delivery Services

An easy method to eat healthier without dieting is to use meal delivery services. These services frequently offer nutritious, portion-controlled meals created by nutritionists. You can enjoy nourishing and delectable cuisine without the hassle of meal planning and preparation by making meal choices that are in line with your nutritional objectives and preferences.

3.0 Cook in Bulk - Freeze For Later

One of the most common times to succumb to fast food, pizza carry out, or other highly processed and hyper-palatable foods is fatigue and lack of time to cook. The solution: cooking in bulk and freezing meals so that healthy options are always available. In order to ensure balanced and nourishing meals that can be quickly reheated whenever you need them, it is best to prepare larger batches of wholesome meals when you do have time to cook. There are easy 'one pot' meals in which a recipe can be doubled or even tripled.

4.0 Shop at Online Grocery Stores

It is simpler to eat properly without dieting thanks to the abundance of healthy options offered by online grocery stores. From the convenience of your home, you can discover a range of fresh produce, lean meats, whole grains, and other wholesome foods. You can skip the trip to the grocery store where you are bombarded with strategically placed candy and processed junk food.

5.0 Hire a Personal Chef

An efficient method to eat healthier without going on a diet is a great reason to hire a personal chef. A personal chef may use top-notch products and culinary know-how to create meals that are tailored to your dietary needs and preferences. They may make eating healthy fun by exposing you to different tastes and culinary methods while making sure your meals are nutritionally balanced. In fact, you can combine this and #3 and have your meals done for the week! By far our favorite service for this is Food Forks + Knives, as it is available almost everywhere in the USA.

6.0 More Resources

Eating healthier can be daunting, especially with an unforgiving schedule that a lot of us experience these days. While the resources above can get you started, we wanted to include more ideas to help solidify your 'new normal' of healthy eating.

Habit Building

Meal Planning Help

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